You’re a Yankees fan who lives far from the promised land of the Bronx.

You watch the games. You go to the away team stadiums just to see Jeter, ARod and the crew.

You are a fan in exile – just like us. This is your Website.

What can you do on this site?

Join a local Yanks in Exile group – We started this site because we missed the connection you get when the whole city is behind a team. You talk to the guy next to you on the subway, at lunch or in line getting coffee about the game last night. We don’t get that as exiles. But now we can. Join a local chapter.

This is a community site – Any Exile member can comment or write a post. To comment or post, you need to sign up.

What can you post? You can post photos, photo shopped Yankee works of art, thoughts on Jeter’s on base percentage, long essays on Girardi’s leadership or one-liners about how much you hate the Sox. Your posts will be featured in the community feed.

Can I post on the front page? Yes. All front pager posters come from the community. Anyone wiht an account can post! Sign up now, it's free.

How can I grow the Yanks in Exile community? Tell your exiled brethren in other cities and post cool content.

Remember. Keep Calm. Win #28.